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The Oromo Leadership Convention and the Future of Ethiopia: A Reply to Tedla Woldeyohanes's Plea for Clarity

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Questions about Oromo loyalty to Ethiopia persist though they are stale, condescending and meaningless.  The sort of questions that Tedla raises have been litigated for nearly three decades. The issue of secession, for


The Evolving Hybrid War on Ethiopia is All About China

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The regime change riots and torching of foreign companies which preceded Ethiopia’s imposition of a six-month-long state of emergency have more to do with waging a Hybrid War 


Somali Region President Abdi Eily is maiming the pastorals in Harshim and Gashamo

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Minister of Labor of Federal Government, Abdifatah Sheikh attended a meeting to sort out the conflict between the chairman of Ethiopian Somali party and the President of Somali Region 

Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2016 18:57

Ethiopian Opposition Wants 'Real Change' But Views on Tactics Differ

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Insisting the demonstrations in Ethiopia’s Oromia region during the past year are a mass movement, not just two or three protest groups, Merera Gudina, the chairman of 


Ethiopia Opens a Pandora’s Box of Ethnic Tensions

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At the heart of the protests is the fundamental question of how to build a modern nation-state on the back of ethnic fault lines that have been exploited over centuries.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 October 2016 12:49

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The History of Hawd and Reserve in Somali

This is a Historical Background of Hawd  and Reserve Area . Unlike  distorted Ogaden historical narration, Somali Region ( Somali Galbeed) has had two historical moments:The Ogaden in 1948 and The Hawd  and Reserve Area in 1954. Omar Arteh, one of the seasoned somali diplomats narrated on the historical moment of Hawd  and Reserve Area in 2000. He was one of the people who witnested when the history was making in that part of land. The narration is in Somali.